Geneva Preview: Carlsson C25

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

Carlsson revealed today its own developed automobile dubbed Carlsson C25 which is set to make its official debut in March, at the Geneva Motor Show.

As you expected from Carlsson, the performances of the new car are really impressive: the vehicle feature a 6-liter V12 engine capable to deliver 753 hp (554 kW) as well as 1320 Newton metres at 3750 rpm (this will be electronically limited to 1,150 Newton metres) and to push the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds while the top speed will be 352 km/h (218 mph).

Known to be a Mercedes-Benz tuner, Carlsson says that its new vehicle can be fixed in every service of the German manufacturer. First look at the car shows its impressive ultra-light and forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5x20 and 12x20 inches especially designed for the C25.

Behind these wheels, Carlsson installed a powerful brake system with 405 millimetres large slotted race brake discs at the front and 380 millimetre race brake discs at the rear axle with cool air.

Exterior Design

Regarding the design, this is not just a body kit as we were used from Carlsson, it will be a completely new vehicle, based on a Mercedes-Benz sports car. The interior resembles the exterior as far as shape, colour and functionality are concerned.

The new Carlsson C25 is blessed with a distinct yet confident design. This is primarily because the C25 is a personification of a marriage between design and function. The vehicle features an elongated front with tapered lobe between its shoulders as well as generously sized air inlets – featuring Carlsson’s signature trapezoidal shape – that supply the engine with the needed ventilation.

Moreover, the C25 is provided with ventilation ducts in front and behind the wheel houses. These ducts are designed to allow the flow of cool air to lower the temperature of the Carlsson braking system, which features 405 mm large slotted race brake discs at the front and 380 mm race brake discs at the rear axle.

Carlsson C25 sits on ultra-light forged wheels 1/10 UL – 9.5 inches x 20 inches on the front and 12 inches x 20 inches on the back – wrapped in high performance tires that measure 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear live axle. One wheel features a weight of just 11.2 kilograms, or around 40 percent lighter than custom light alloy wheels.

On the rear of the Carlsson C25, the needed downforce is provided by the elongated flat rear screen, the restrained tearing edge on the boot lit, and large double diffuser render – thereby getting rid of the need for extensible spoilers.

The new Carlsson C25 also comes with new rear- and front lights design, helping distinguish the car from other vehicles on the road. On the other hand, the Carlsson C25 features an interior that closely bears a resemblance to the exterior in terms of color, functionality and shape.

It also features a trapezoid element on the steering wheel, seats and the center console. Importantly, the cabin of the Carlsson C25 is very driver-friendly, with the instruments turning in towards the driver.

Moreover, Carlsson avoided installing a number of racing elements on the C25 like race seats, race straps and rollover devices as well as extreme lowering in order to make the vehicle more drivable. Furthermore, the interior of the C25 features the use of real carbon and tanned buffalo leather, as well as ultra-suede in special colors.

This new C25 is the latest testament to Carlsson’s status as one of the most exclusive carmakers in the world, boasting of high technical expertise and years of experience combined with an advanced sense for design and elegance as well as the German art of engineering.

Press Release

Carlsson C25

Carlsson who are approved as an automobile manufacturer by the Federal German Motor Transport Authority, for the first time presents an own developed automobile at this year's Geneva Motor Show – the Carlsson C25. The concept of this Super-GT is based on the vision of combining maximum driving performance with an entirely new design and high exclusiveness. The result is a breathtaking and beautiful sports coupé with 753 hp in a limited edition of only 25 cars world-wide. Thereby, each automobile will be as individual as its future owner. "We exclusively make the cars to order and the delivery quantity for 2010 is already sold out", says CEO, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Schuster. Carlsson presents the C25 with the production number 1 in Geneva which has been build according to the wishes of the first customer. The colour design of the exterior in grey and night black with an orange stripe which also runs through the interior has been developed according to the guidelines of the client. It goes without saying that every other colour and colour combination on the exterior and interior is possible.

With 753 hp and 1150 Newton metres in 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 kph

The performance data of the six litre V12 Bi-Turbo is impressive. The high-performance aggregate with a motor management optimisation patented by Carlsson renders 753 hp (554 kW) and allows fast acceleration as well as smooth travels at lower speeds. Also responsible for the perfect performance evolvement is the elaborately developed stainless steel exhaust system with ends in four edgy pipes at the back. The power catapults the C25 with a torque of 1320 Newton metres at 3750 r.p.m. which is electronically limited to 1,150 Newton metres from 0 to 100 kph in only 3.7 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 352 kph.

Perfect combination between top performance and maximum driveability

When developing the Carlsson C25, the engineers from Gut Wiesenhof have achieved creating a Super-GT for smooth everyday use despite its very high performance. "There are more than enough super sports car in this world which can only be safely driven on a race track", says Markus Schuster. "Therefore, we deliberately wanted to develop a car which is highly exclusive on the one hand and can be used for the daily journey to office on the other hand. Therefore, a Super-GT which can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in only 3.7 seconds and still offers a very pleasant driving comfort. All security-relevant regulations such as pedestrian protection, crash behaviour, ESP, ABS, Airbag systems are identical to large series editions with most modern standards."

This is also achieved by the intelligent lowering system C-Tronic® SUSPENSION® which automatically recognises the road characteristics and driving manners and constantly adjusts the suspension setting accordingly. This does not only result in a pleasant journey on long routes, but also guarantees that the nodding and rolling motions of the C25 are reduced to a minimum while driving fast curves. Therefore, the car reaches the perfect road holding characteristics in every situation and renders the feeling of absolute controllability.

Different than other automobiles from small series, the Carlsson C25 has not been solely made for its use at the racetrack. Nevertheless, the C25 achieves top results in acceleration and handling. Compared to the racing machines with MOT approval, the Carlsson C25 offers its driver smooth journeys on Alpine passes and also on city roads or not perfectly even surfaces.

Maximum exclusiveness is ensured by only one automobile per country

In addition to the extensive refinement, the Carlsson C25 offers the advantage that every Mercedes-Benz dealer can maintain the car. As the automobile is based on the latest Mercedes-Benz technology, it is not necessary to drive to a garage, which is specialised in the Carlsson C25. This gives the Carlsson C25 additional suitability for everyday use. Moreover, Carlsson will only deliver one automobile per country and therefore ensures absolute exclusiveness for its customers.

Carlsson creates a perfect symbiosis of design and function

The C25 emphasises this exquisite status with its self-reliant and unique design. The elongated vehicle front with the tapered lobe between the powerful shoulders craves ahead and the generously dimensioned air inlets in the typical Carlsson trapezoid form supply the engine with the necessary ventilation. The ultra-light and forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5x20 and 12x20 inches have been especially designed for the C25 and are equipped with high performance tyres measuring 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear live axle. One wheel just weighs 11.2 kilograms and therefore is 40 percent lighter than custom light alloy wheels. Ventilation ducts in front and behind the wheel houses provide the Carlsson brake system with 405 millimetres large slotted race brake discs at the front and 380 millimetre race brake discs at the rear axle with cool air. With this, Carlsson achieves the perfect symbiosis between design and function. The elongated flat rear screen and the restrained tearing edge on the boot lit as well as the generously dimensioned double diffuser render the required downthrust and therefore the C25 does not need any extensible spoilers. In order to emphasise the uniqueness of the C25, Carlsson has also developed a new rear- and front lights design.

Carlsson interior optimised for the driver

The newly designed interior resembles the exterior as far as shape, colour and functionality are concerned. The characteristic trapezoid elements at the front and back are also found on the steering wheel. On the seats and the centre console the edged shape is used as well. The instruments clearly turn towards the driver, indicate the performance capability of the C25 and increase the ergonomics. The generous use of real carbon, tanned buffalo leather and ultra-suede in special colours provides an evenly exclusive and user-friendly ambience. For driveability reasons, Carlsson deliberately refrains from race seats, race straps, rollover devices and extreme lowering.

With the C25, Carlsson confirms its reputation as being one of the most exclusive automobile manufacturers in the world. High technical competence, many years experience in automobile construction, an advanced sense for design and elegance and German art of engineering make the Carlsson C25 unique all over the world.

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