Liberty Walk outfitted the Lexus LC 500 in a flashy body kit

Article by Christian A., on January 3, 2018

When Lexus first launched the production version of the LC coupe, it surprised many because it had a strong resemblance with the LF-LC concept that many loved as seen back during the 2012 NAIAS.

Now, the LC coupe has an interesting body design, and it really is not the easiest model to modify, but Liberty Walk decided to do so anyway. And voila, customers can now get this body kit, which is available for both the LC500 as well as the LC500h. They also have two choices when getting the package, the FRP and the CFRP that costs from $13,380 to $19,440 outside of Japan.

So you are probably wondering what you would get with the Liberty Walk package. Well, that includes the Japanese tuner’s massive bolt-on fenders that are now actually considered to be the company’s signature. But that’s not all you will get of course, as this also comes with a front lip, side skirt add-ons, a boot lid-mounted wing, and a more aggressive rear diffuser.

On the outside, customers will also get unique exterior graphics as you can see in the images, along with a set of new tailpipes, which will help improve the stance of the vehicle. If that upgrade is not enough for you, Liberty Walk will be more than willing to give your Lexus LC a new set of rims, and those are the ones that are photographed. For $7,900, you can get these rims together with a new air suspension.

As mentioned earlier, they are also offering a few versions of the body kit right from the start, to cater to what their customers are looking for. Furthermore, parts can also be purchased individually.

Liberty Walk definitely found a way to give the Lexus LC500 a dramatic makeover, by giving it a completely new look. However, not everyone may be happy with how it currently looks with the kit. But remember, this is frequently the case with bold body kits.

Right now, we are wondering what the Lexus designers think of this new body kit. Does this wow them or does it make them cringe? Liberty Walk definitely has a unique sense of style. They are also one of the few companies that think all stock cars are too subdued, even a Lamborghini. It seems like the Japanese tuner just wants to give every single car a wider body kit, but does this feature always look good on any car?

What are your thoughts about Liberty Walk’s version of the LC500?

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