Mercedes-Benz teams up with Pioneer for ultimate DJ van

Article by Christian A., on January 6, 2012

You can get the most amazing party set-up on the Mercedes-Benz Vito 122CDI Sport-X Dualiner model. Dubbed Project-X, this is the product of the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Pioneer GB. This striking DJ van features the award-winning Sound Pressure Level in-car entertainment products from Pioneer.

Powering the Project-X vehicle is a top-of-the-line turbo-charged 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, which delivers 224hp and 440Nm, enabling the car to accelerate to 60mph in only 8.3 seconds with a top speed of 122mph.

Project-X is fitted with Pioneer products like the two 15” competition class SPL subs and four 10” Champion Series subs that guarantee a constantly clear, strong and wide-ranging bass response. These items have a value that reaches nearly £25,000. It also features two Pioneer CDJs and a highly advanced art mixer.

The entire system is composed of eight independent amplifiers, which use four batteries and a 300amp power supply. It has a boast-worthy speaker power handling capability of 30,050 watts.

The appearance of this special edition Vito Sport-X by Mercedes-Benz is also a head-turner with its Brabus sport steering wheel, chrome sidebars, gear lever in black leather with Brabus emblem and lowering springs, sports exhaust, metallic paint, color coded bumpers, tinted glass, and chrome grille and tailgate trim.

For the new Vito, Mercedes-Benz made sure that it would be user friendly, stable, and more importantly, safe. However in addition to having handling that is safe, predictable, and precise, all Vito versions will also have excellent comfort in addition to low noise levels and exceptional driving qualities. This means that the Vito product line will come with the best standard as it relates to driving safety, enjoyment, and ride comfort.

If anything, the only feature that could be better is having an air suspension wherein the rear axle has automatic level control, though this is only offered once the Vito comes out of the factory.

Since the time the rear-wheel drive has been equipped in the first Vito, it has ensured better handling and excellent driving dynamics. For the new version, it will have a completely new chassis which has been modified to meet the demands of transporting passengers or goods. As with any attribute of the Vito, this is expected to heighten the standards of driving safety and ride comfort.

Going to its chassis, the front axle remains to have an independent wheel suspension that comes with spring struts. What is different this time is that some of the details have been redesigned.

There are a number of new components that involve the anti-roll bar, bearings, and transverse links. Even the suspension strut towers, supporting bearings, spring retainers, and suspensions springs, have a new element to them. The steering also has a new and improved attribute.

In addition, by modifying the setting of the axle, it made it possible to enhance the response. The rear axle also gets the same treatment. While the advanced design which has the independent wheel suspension placed on semi-trailing arms is still there, the engineering team made sure to reconfigure everything about the shock absorbers, springs, and auxiliary springs.

Even the bearings placed on the shock absorbers have a new design. In particular, the bearings that are on the control arms were designed in a way as to put more focus on comfort. This was done dividing the functions of the front axle’s lateral and longitudinal forces. The bearings of the anti-roll bar also have something new. Thus in order to keep in line with the various needs and service conditions, each model will have a different set-up for its rear axle.

Take the Vito crewbus, for instance, its damping and suspension were made by keeping in mind that the goal was to deliver maximum comfort to its passengers. The Vito panel van, as well as the Mixto, meanwhile will have a stronger design in order to carry the highest of possible loads.

Without a doubt, the new Vito from Mercedes-Benz is guaranteed to stay ahead of everyone else given that equipped as standard is the paralleled range of assistance systems while there is also the one-of-a-kind high standard of safety.

Press Release


Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Pioneer GB to create Project-X – the ultimate DJ van wîth Pioneer's world record holding Sound Pressure Level in-car entertainment products.

The Project-X vehicle is based around a Mercedes-Benz Vito 122CDI Sport-X Dualiner model, which is powered by a range-topping turbo-charged 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, producing 224hp and 440Nm, reaching 60mph in just 8.3 seconds wîth a maximum speed of 122mph.

Inside the stunning vehicle which features almost £25,000 worth of Pioneer kit there are two 15' competition class SPL subs and four 10' Champion Series subs to ensure a consistently clear, powerful and wide-ranging bass response. The vehicle also comes complete wîth two Pioneer CDJs and a state of the art mixer, which combined offer the perfect party set-up. The total system features no less than eight independent amplifiers using four batteries and a 300amp power supply, wîth a speaker power handling capability at a staggering 30,050 watts!

The special edition Vito Sport-X by Mercedes-Benz includes a Brabus sport §teering wheel, gear lever in black leather wîth Brabus emblem and lowering springs, chrome sidebars, Sports exhaust, metallic paint, tinted glass, colour coded bumpers and chrome grille and tailgate trim.

Steve Bridge, Van Sales and Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz ÚK, commented: 'Project-X not only sounds awesome, but it looks amazing too! The sheer power from this van, both from the engine and the sound system, is epic and needs to be seen to be believed. The machine is simply amazing.

'We're keen to get the vehicle out and about to showcase what it can do in front of a live audience and look forward to seeing the public's reaction to such a breath-taking machine.'

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