Misha Designs partners with CarNinja to create Ferrari 458 Italia carbon fiber wide body kit

Article by Christian A., on November 17, 2015

Misha Designs revealed that it has entered into a partnership with CarNinja to come up with a body kit specifically for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The body kit is envisioned to be made of carbon fiber.

It was initially previewed as far back as March of this year. Its official public debut though was held at the recently concluded SEMA in Las Vegas with the design showing influences from the Ferrari FXX K, a track-only model. Some of those who were able to view the kit describe it as a rocket with wheels.

However what makes it even better is that the glossy black of its roof gives a contrast to the full matte candy wrap on the body. In addition, the Toyo Proxes tires cover its concave wheels. Misha Designs in fact made two versions for this kit. The first includes standard features like the front bumper, hood, fender, up to the side skirts, its wing and rear bumper.

The second one is more aggressive as it manages to give the car additional width. The side skirts also now have air ducts. Meanwhile, the rear end has a carbon fiber wing blade making it look similar to the FXX K. However with most of the Ferrari 458 Italia’s components being modified, it looks less of the 458 and more like the ones from car racing games like Need for Speed.

Misha Designs also revealed that they are now starting to accept orders for the second version and those who are interested should immediately contact them as only 20 packages will be made. Misha Designs did not reveal the price but says that they will discuss it with interested customers who call.

Plenty of the details released were centered on the body kit while not much was said about the engine. It’s safe to conclude that the engine will probably not be very different from the standard engines found in the 458 Italia. This means it will have a V8 4499 cc engine and its piston compression height will be low resulting in a 12.5:1 compression ratio.

Since it has a standard flat-plane crankshaft, the engine is capable of delivering 570 CV at around 9000 rpm. Power output is found to be at 127 CV/litre, making it the new standard not just for the product range of the Ferrari but also for its class. When the car reaches 6000 rpm, peak torque is achieved which is 540 Nm though at 3250 rpm, 80% of the maximum torque is made available.

The specific torque though has been recorded to be at 120 Nm/litre. The high torque is a definite plus because it enables the vehicle to have high power levels even under low revolutions. This being a Ferrari, it has a signature sound that is further proof of its superiority. Its growl starts at the engine and emerges through before being pushed out via the three tailpipes of the exhaust on the rear.

The 458 Italia can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just under 3.4 seconds with top speed going as fast as 325 km/h. To fully experience the engine’s power, the 458 Italia has an even-speed dual-clutch transmission that can improve performance while ensuring a smooth shift even when the car is at full throttle.

Adding to this already wonderful feeling are the gear ratios that have been developed by the engineers for the 458 Italia. With the V8 already showing high power and excellent torque, these new gear ratios ensure that the car will be able to attain its peak speed when at top gear and at the same time guarantee that torque is still high even when running at low speed.

Aside from the performance, the 458 Italia is also ahead of its class when it comes to the emissions. While the engine is indeed more powerful compared to its predecessors, fuel consumption is at 13.7 l/100 km while CO2 emissions are merely 320 g/km.

Further enhancing the performance of the 458 Italia is the weight which has been reduced for this very reason. The dry weight of the 458 Italia is at 1380 kg meaning that it has a 2.42 kg/CV power-to-weight ratio. In addition to the reduced weight, the distribution has also been optimized with 58% of the weight on its rear axle.

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