Official: Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

The German tuning specialist Gemballa, which has become famous for its work on the Porsche Carrera GT supercar, is coming out with its latest creation in the form of the Mirage GT Carbon Edition.

This time Gemballa focused on the dual-color paint finish rather than on power output, and aims at exclusivity with the announcement that it will only build a totally limited number of 5 examples.

Although other Gemballa products came with 750hp (560kW), the Carbon Edition is content with its 670hp (500kW). The Carbon Edition still yields an extra 50hp above that of the standard Carrera GT, but with 465lb-ft (630Nm) of top torque it will definitely provide a driving sensation no matter what speed.

The carmaker claims a sprit rate for the model at 0-62mph (100km/h) in 3.7 seconds and by 9.7 seconds it's already burning rubber at 124mph (200km/h). The top speed is about 208mph (335km/h).

Setting power upgrades aside, the Carbon Edition, so called for very good reasons, comes with a lot of visible carbon fiber highlights, a black-on-white finish and bespoke alloy wheels.

To enhance handling and protect it from bumps and humps on the road, the car is equipped with a hydraulic height-adaptable coilover kit. The enhancements cost 298,000 Euros, excluding the Carrera GT unit.

The Carrera GT’s production series shows that it uses the high-strength ultra-light carbon as materials. This pattern is continued with the GEMBALLA through the MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition which uses the same material for all of its components.

Every part of the GEMBALLA that exhibits an aerodynamic design was optimized by utilizing a wind tunnel. This led to a perfect surface quality which can then be perfectly fitted to the vehicle. The main elements of the MIRAGE GT front are on the apron.

The air inlets have been upgraded in order to give the front coolers better ventilation. Combined with the front lip, this allows the GEMBALLA to have form and function as it gives it that aggressive look and at the same time provides extra downthrust.

The bonnet and front wings have been switched with proprietary components. The sides meanwhile have the side skirts that have been redesigned as well. The side skirts are able to cool the air duct that lies in the middle of the axles. The integrated passages help increase the supply of air and cool the brake system.

The rear skirt is fitted with a new diffuser which allows the rear part of the vehicle to remain steady even when driving at high speed. With the enlarged rear wing, it creates contact pressure with the rear axle. Another improvement is the addition of an individually adjustable Gurney flap that is then placed in the wing profile.

Rounding off the body kit are the GEMBALLA roof channel, rear view camera casing, and air scoop of the engine compartment. The GEMBALLA is a good example of what happens when a luxurious atmosphere has a perfect relationship with a sporty function.

The interior makes use of the best materials like ultra-suede, carbon fiber, and fine leather, in a stylish manner. The leather for instance has been treated expertly and is soft but tough. Each grain has the characteristic natural product and the decorative stitching gives the center console an elaborate look. The center console is composed entirely of carbon fiber and houses the Data Control System and even the GEMBALLA Multimedia unit.

Press Release

The ultimate super sports car - GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition

For more than 25 years, the automobile manufacturer GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG builds exclusive sports cars which are based on the Porsche model range. Thereby, the company under the management of the founder Uwe Gemballa always sets standards regarding engine performance, innovative automobile design and exclusive interior. This is impressively confirmed by numerous lap records on the most difficult race track of the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And also by winning many awards such as the renowned "red dot design award". And last but not least by thrilled customers all over the world.

And also the latest super sports car - the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition - limited to only 5 pieces will conquer the motor sports hearts of its future owners in supersonic speed. Based on the Porsche Carrera GT the specialists from Leonberg near Stuttgart present an extremely attractive version of the MIRAGE GT. The eye-catching main evolutionary characteristic is the GEMBALLA body element production in carbon fibre. But that is not all: ultra-light aerodynamics components which have been optimised in the wind tunnel and a power engine with powerful 670 hp top performance render an impressive top speed of 335 km/h. A ground-breaking, hydraulic, height-adjustable coilover kit is especially adjusted to the GEMBALLA wheel-tyre combination GT SPORT Forged and this interplay provides perfect road handling. And also the interior is upgraded from the floor room to the roof lining. Perfectly processed and stylishly arranged leather and carbon turn every Mirage GT cockpit into an exclusive unique masterpiece.

Carbon - as far as the eye can see

Already the serial version of the Carrera GT presents itself with an abundance of ultra-light and high-strength carbon material. And GEMBALLA continues this trend in the MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition by using it as the main component of all body parts. Each single element of the GEMBALLA aerodynamics design is optimised in the wind tunnel, produced in perfect surface quality and accurately fitted into the automobile.

The core part of the newly designed MIRAGE GT front is the striking apron with the enhanced air inlets for an improved ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new front lip, GEMBALLA does not only achieve an aggressive look, but also generates additional downthrust. Also the front wings and the bonnet are replaced by proprietary development components. At the flanks, you find newly designed side skirts.

These calm down the air duct between the axles and send additional cooling air to the brake system through integrated passages. The new diffuser which is fitted into the new rear skirt stabilises the rear section at high speeds and in connection with the enlarged rear wing, it generates contact pressure at the rear axle. Further advancements are provided by the individually adjustable Gurney flap which is inserted in the wing profile. The body kit is perfected with the GEMBALLA roof channel as well as the air scoop of the engine compartment and the rear view camera casing.

3.7 seconds from zero to hundred km/h - accompanied by an incomparable exhaust sound

But the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition does not only impress with its fascinating design. As a result of an optimised engine management and a special exhaust system with sport catalysts and pneumatic valve control, not only the engine performance and the acceleration improve significantly. Due to its 670 hp / 493 kW at 8,000 rpm and 630 Newton metres at 5,700 rpm, the ten-cylinder accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in breath-taking 3.7 seconds. The top speed is 335 km/h and therefore also faster than the basic model. For an enhanced gas pedal response, the GEMBALLA technicians fit a sports clutch with special pads. Especially when driving stop and go in city traffic, this is an enormous advantage and allows a smooth and bucking-free take-off.

Innovative running gear technology for the race track and for everyday use

The running gear components in the MIRAGE are especially adjusted to the enhanced engine performance and sporty driving manner. They consist of four individually adjustable coilover dampers in a unit with progressively coiled double springs. For everyday use, the electro-hydraulic height-adjustment is extremely innovative and enormously helpful. By pushing a button in the passenger compartment, it is possible to lift the body by 45 millimetres at the front- and rear axle and therefore allows driving over obstacles such as underground car park entrances and traffic ramps. Also by pushing a button or by reaching 80 km/h, the MIRAGE lowers itself to its original level. As the perfect wheel-tyre combination, GEMBALLA gits the multi-part rims GT SPORT Forged in the dimension 9.5 x 19 and 12.5 x 20 with tyres in the serial measurement 265/35 ZR19 at the front axle and 335/30 ZR20 at the rear axle.

Exclusive interior design without limits

GEMBALLA presents the perfect symbiosis between sportive functionality and luxurious ambience. The interior designers combine the most precious materials such as fine leather, ultra-suede and carbon fibre in a very stylish way. The leather which is processed with expert hand is very resilient and yet extremely soft. The characteristic natural product with its individual grain and the masterly decorative stitching render an extravagant look around the newly designed centre console. The latter is entirely made of carbon fibre and contains the GEMBALLA Multimedia unit and the Data Control System.

The harmonically integrated display presents driving data such as acceleration, cross-acceleration and deceleration values. Another highlight in the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition is the full-size airbag sports steering wheel with a diameter of 340 millimetres.

GEMBALLA - the specialist for high end Porsche refinements and innovative engineering design offers the entire refining set for the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition which is only limited to 5 specimen from 298,000 euros (net price, without basic automobile).

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