Official: Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG Supercharged by Hamann

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz G model means coming up with a re-tuned version for HAMANN-Motorsport. The subject: a Mercedes-Benz AMG G55 Supercharged. The goal: to fit the standard version of the vehicle with HAMANN Motorsport accessories that can provide additional performance for the G55.

For this project, HAMANN’s expertise in building customizing automobiles according to individual preferences since 1986 comes into play. With this project, HAMANN-Motorsport pays tribute to the original all-terrain vehicle that became a flagship for the series. The G55 Supercharged bears much of the expertise in its exteriors.

First, one can recognize the distinctive throaty sound of the G55’s engine through the stainless steel exhaust system at the rear. HAMANN also had some work done on the G55’s aerodynamic profile, with the goal of enhancing it even further for better performance.

Speaking of performance, the G55, as worked on by HAMANN, gained some dynamics-improving light alloy rims with sizes of 20 to 24 inches. Of course, aesthetics is at its best best thanks to HAMANN’s customized interior equipment and furnishings, which include non-slip aluminum pedals and color-coordinated floor mats. HAMANN had taken the effort to individually tune every aspect of the G55’s aerodynamic profile.

This, in turn, has resulted to an exciting body shape. With HAMANN’s expertise, the car’s profile is not only enhanced to provide more visual appeal, but to optimize air flow and improve aerodynamics. LED daytime running lights also improve the daytime visibility of the HAMANN BMW G55. Smoothly attached to the front spoiler, these new lights add to the dynamic and sporty appearance of the G55, while the roof spoiler works with the new aerodynamic profile of the G55 to reduce lift.

The front and back axle have also been extended by 40 and 60 millimeters, respectively. HAMANN’s redesigns added a brand new rear skirt to the rear portion of the G55. The integrated diffuser is the most distinctive addition to the G55’s overall appearance.

HAMANN also made available optional carbon fibre parts that can be fitted to the G55’s exterior. The parts can be used to replace the standard equipment in the car’s exterior, namely, the radiator grill, headlight protective grid, mirror cases, door handles, air inlets in the side wings, bonnet air blind. Of course, the power train found under the hood of the G55 is at the center of the enhancements by HAMANN.

HAMANN’s HM 600 performance-enhancing kit brings the power output of the 5.4-litre engine of the G55 to 600 horsepower or 441 kW. Serial value, however, is at 507 hp or 373 kW. This impressive power is matched with an equally exceptional torque of 782 Nm, which is produced at 3,000-5,200 rpms. The performance enhancers include a belt pulley kit, a system for managing heat to the car’s gears, and optimizations to the G55’s gear control mechanisms.

With the HM 600 kit installed, the G55’s acceleration is improved and allows it to sprint from a standstill to 100 km in only 5.1 seconds. The engine gives the G55 a maximum speed of 261 kilometers per hour. HAMANN’s modifications to the car’s rims include the use of the DESIGN EDITION RACE “ANODIZED” 24 set of aluminum wheels.

These rims feature bolts made out of titanium, and sport a black rim star at the center of the wheels. The ultra-light wheels are paired with 315/35 R 24 in all four wheels of the G55. Aluminum material is also used in the accessories HAMANN has made available for the interiors of the G55.

Aside from aluminum, HAMANN’s accessories also include 24 interior parts made out of carbon fiber that can be used to replace the standard interior equipment in the G55. Finally, the HAMANN logo can be seen prominently in the brushed stainless steel door sill ledges, to indicate who carried out the modifications.

Together with the embroidered HAMANN floor mat in the interiors, HAMANN has successfully infused its own DNA into the entirety of the G55. The HAMANN version of the G55 also features a 4-spoke steering wheel employing an aerodynamic design for maximum driver comfort when driving.

Press Release

Hamann Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

On the occasion of the 30th birthday of the Mercedes-Benz G model, HAMANN-Motorsport honours the legendary all-terrain vehicle with an extensive refining programme. With its exquisite tuning options for the current top model, the Mercedes-Benz AMG G55 Supercharged, HAMANN-Motorsport once more confirms that it is the first address for sporty accessories. Already since 1986, the Laupheim-based company develops and manufactures products for individualising exclusive automobiles.

The HAMANN technicians thereby profit from hundreds of successful participations in motor sports. The know-how which was gained there is the basis for development of HAMANN products and guarantees the highest level of product quality and production. The result: Stainless steel exhaust systems with a sporty and earthy sound, powerful performance enhancements, lifting-force reducing aerodynamics components and striking light alloy rims from 20 to 24 inches. The accessory assortment includes perfectly lined interior equipments in combination with colour-coordinated floor mats and non-slip aluminium pedals.

Already during the designing phase, HAMANN perfectly adjusts the individual components of the aerodynamic kit to the striking car body shape of the automobile. This results in an exciting styling with an optimised air flow over the car silhouette. Two integrated LED daytime running lights are integrated in the front spoiler and render a sporty and dynamic look and increase the passive safety at the same time. At the same time the lifting forces of the 5-door car are reduced in connection with the roof spoiler. Powerful fender extensions broaden the G-model by 40 millimetres at the front axle and 60 millimetres at the back axle.

The newly designed rear skirt with the integrated diffuser perfects the attractive overall appearance of the car body. If desired, air inlets for the bonnet and a 13-part exterior set made of carbon fibre (radiator grill, headlight protective grid, mirror cases, door handles, air inlets in the side wings, bonnet air blind) set further visual highlights In addition to the exciting look of the aerodynamics look, the HAMANN engine department developed two powerful performance enhancements for the 5.4 litre motor. The customer can select an engine operating map with 35 hp / 25 kW additional output while the maximum torque increases to 100 Newton metres.

The maximum power enhancement results after adding the performance kit HM 600 with breathtaking 600 hp / 441 kW (serial value: 507 hp / 373 kW) and an impressive torque of 782 Nm at 3,000 - 5,200 r.p.m. The extensive engine modification includes an amended motor electronic with annulations, a belt pulley kit, metal catalysts, 6-pipe sport end silencers, gear oil cooling system and an optimised gear control. The modifications lead to an acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in only 5.1 seconds and the 4-wheel car achieves a maximum speed of 261 km/h (serial value: 210 km/h). One of the technical highlights and maximum dimension in the available rim programme is the three-part HAMANN aluminium wheel called DESIGN EDITION RACE "ANODIZED" 24".

Characteristic for the modern style of the ultra-light forged wheel is the black rim star and the titanium bolting. The ultra gloss polished rim flange emphasised the noble appearance. HAMANN offers the 24-inch wheel in the dimension 10,5J with tyres measuring 315/35 R 24. In addition to the existing serially offered interior equipment, HAMANN presents accessories made of fine aluminium. The pedals and foot rests render motor sports atmosphere and perfectly go with the 24-part interior set made of carbon fibre.

Door sill ledges made of brushed stainless steel with blue lights are adorned with the HAMANN logo as well as the embroidered HAMANN floor mat set perfect the overall look of the noble interior. The ergonomically re-designed airbag steering wheel in 4-spoke design is both sporty and lies very well in the hand. If desired, everything up to the entire leather equipment can be manufactured in artisan precision.

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