Project Kahn unveils the Ferrari California Monza Edition

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2011

If you prefer the finer things in life, then you might want to consider the A. Kahn Ferrari California for your collection. This car has a sporty design and innovation that’s more versatile, typical of the other cars built by A. Kahn Design. The consumer who wants the best in vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure would be delighted to know what has been improved in the Ferrari California. The chassis and its bodywork are both built of aluminum.

The engine, which enables the Ferrari California to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds will be mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that enhances the car's performance.

At the same time, the vehicle’s dynamics are enhanced and the driving pleasure is maximized. Ride comfort is improved while the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions level at 310 g/km are reduced. A Kahn sports suspension system raises the comfort level. With the exclusive F1-Trac traction control system, this vehicle becomes better suited to the expected driving conditions.

Just like other Kahn vehicles, this model features added innovations such as the 9 x 21 front and 12 x 22 rear Kahn forged Monza wheels in matt black.

The interior features high-quality materials created by Kahn’s bespoke artisans. The vehicle is fitted with new accessories and equipment such as seats, steering wheel, instrument panel and infotainment system, which together with optimized aerodynamics, guarantee that this ergonomic car is all the more bespoke and is built according to the buyer’s specifications.

The sleek aerodynamic styling of the new Ferrari California is another product of the Italian sports carmaker’s long-time partnership with Pininfarina. Boasting of an array of hallmark Ferrari styling cues, the new California features a sweeping bonnet that elegantly contrasts with its compact tail volume as well as its pulled-back cabin. Some cues on the sides of the California are continued up front, thereby alternating concave and convex volumes. When viewed up front, the new California clearly indicates a numbers of cues inspired by the 250 GT California, including its grille and the slender air intake at the center of the bonnet.

Meanwhile, the rear end of the California is provided with a muscular tail section as well as single round LED taillights integrated on the edge of the car’s boot. In addition, the rear of the California is marked by vertically stacked twin tailpipes and boot that sweeps down to the bumpers for enhanced functionality. Just like any Ferrari unit, the new California has an interior that exudes a high degree of design sophistication, luxurious comfort and bespoke quality.

These are evident on the aluminum-trimmed center console located between the front seats. Since the aerodynamics of the new Ferrari California was developed alongside its styling, the sports car features a drag coefficient value of 0.32 Cx (coupé configuration), thereby resulting to a downforce that could provide optimal vehicle dynamics. Designers shaped the rear diffuser in a way that there would a perfect balance between vertical load and drag, even incorporating the spoiler into the front bumper.

Also, since the drag of the new California is around 10-percent lower than on other Ferrari models, it is more efficient both in terms of aerodynamics and fuel consumption. Designers also provided an air intake on the bonnet to efficiently cool the engine compartment.

Interestingly, the chassis and bodyshell of the new Ferrari California are made completely from aluminum, making them both rigid and lightweight. Ferrari also employed various aluminum technologies on the extrusions and shell casts to ensure that the California remains remarkably versatile, comfortable and drivable without making the chassis heavier or the structural sections larger. This is a feat that is next to impossible to achieve when traditional steel architecture and technologies is employed.

Furthermore, Ferrari was able to improve the California’s static rigidity – both torsional and flexional – compared to the average numbers for a Spider. This means that the new California Ferrari boasts of exceptional handling in any road condition as well as GT-standard comfort whether its top is deployed or not. To further ensure ride comfort, the new Ferrari California is specified with double wishbone suspension on the front and a new multilink system on the rear.

Its rear multilink system enhances the longitudinal flexibility of the suspension, thereby ensuring that transverse rigidity values remains high. This allows the California to absorb any unevenness and minimize noise and vibration for outstanding ride comfort. Customers may also avail of the SCM Magnetorheological Suspension Control System, which was first featured on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

Press Release

FERRARI California 2+2 S-A Kahn Monza edition

The A. Kahn Ferrari California in soft gleaming white is a vehicle that uncompromisingly combines sportiness with versatility, guaranteeing maximum driving pleasure.

This spectacular vehicle features the kind of treatment that makes Afzal Kahn’s designs a favourite amongst discerning customers and is principally used to showcase the latest modifications available from A. Kahn Design.

Characteristic of cars given the thumbs of by Afzal Kahn - the A. Kahn Ferrari California is aimed at owners who desire a car which embodies everything the Kahn badge represents: sporty design and innovation with greater versatility.

This vehicle, a personal favourite of Afzal Kahn’s, will satisfy even the most demanding of owners in terms of vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure. Both the chassis and bodywork are aluminum.

The engine, which allows the Ferrari California to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds, will be coupled to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that boosts the car's performance, enhances vehicle dynamics, provides maximum driving pleasure, improves ride comfort and reduces fuel consumption and emissions (c.310 g/km CO2).

The comfort is further enhanced by a Kahn sports suspension system. The A. Kahn Ferrari California is also equipped with the exclusive F1-Trac traction control system and has been further honed to suit the typical driving conditions expected for this vehicle.

In line with Kahn tradition, this particular model features additional innovations including 9 x 21 front and 12 x 22 rear Kahn forged Monza wheels in matt black.

The interior has been beautifully trimmed using quality materials by Kahn’s very own bespoke artisans. New accessories and equipment include seats, steering wheel, instrument panel and infotainment system, together with optimised aerodynamics – ensuring that this highly ergonomic and enjoyable car is all the more bespoke, according to your very own specifications.

Our cars offer tasteful exclusivity to those that enjoy the finer things in life. A. Kahn Design is for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection. Dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and rebuild them into individually tailored creations.

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