Now available: RevoZport tuning kit for Tesla Model X

Article by Christian A., on January 20, 2017

Back in 2016, RevoZport for the first time modified the Model S for Hong Kong’s e-Touring Challenge. This was named the RevoZport R- Zentric P90D Model S safety car. The heavily modified Model S would later serve as the safety vehicle for the FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix held last October 9 at the Harbourfront in Hong Kong. Certainly, RevoZport was one of the first auto tuners to dress up a Tesla this far.

Now with the new Tesla Model X, the aftermarket tuning company also has some new accessories built for the crossover. The Hong Kong based auto tuner offers the Model X with its new R-Zentric tuning package. The aero kit comes complete with the brand’s signature diffuser, rear spoiler, side sills and front splitter. It also has some enhancements for the front bumper as well as a new set of Klassen ID 22-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Overall, the RevoZport Model X has a sportier character compared with the previously modified Tesla Model X as done by Unplugged Performance and Villner auto tuners.

Surprisingly, RevoZport has also been working on an off-road tuning kit for Tesla’s electric crossover. The tuning house is planning to come up with a roof mounted lightbar, bulbar and flared fenders for the Model X just to name a few. If that’s the case, it would be more like the extreme Model X version of RevoZport R-Zentric.

If we try to look back, the R-Zentric complete package for the previously modified Model S comes with a carbon fibre trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, fender flares , side skirts and front splitter. This is perfect for last year’s all electric motor racing series because it improves the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Just like with the new Model X, RevoZport designed the Model S aerokits with industrial grade CAD software. The use of carbon composite materials for the aerokit will help shed off more weight, which is essential to provide higher down force for better performance. If there is more, the extremely lightweight Klassen ID Forged alloy wheels on the Model S comes fitted with special tires that helped increase its fenders and track width by at least 40 millimeters.

As a result, the RevoZport tuning package provides the Model S with better grip at the corner. Considering this entire package is also in RevoZport’s latest product line, we can therefore expect the R-Zentric-tuned Model X to offer better handling and performance.

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