Smart and Brabus celebrate ten years of partnership with a special edition

Article by Christian A., on July 25, 2012

Tuning specialist BRABUS and smart are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their joint venture with a special model. Since 2002, the joint venture has been building sporty smarts known as BRABUS. In 2003, the market got its first premium models created by the joint venture smart-BRABUS GmbH. These are the smart fortwo BRABUS coupé and cabrio.

Since the first smart fortwo BRABUS was launched, it has sold over 50,000 units throughout the world. Two years ago, it launched the customisation programme "smart BRABUS tailor made.” Since then, the programme has become very successful in Europe. It will soon be offered to U.S. and China customers later this year. Under its present estimates, over 1000 customers will opt for the smart-BRABUS tailor made offering in 2012.

In Germany, the prices begin at €2999 incl. VAT when asking for an exterior colour of the customer's choice or exclusive leather appointments in the interior. The "10th anniversary" special model comes with unique and exclusive features.

It has the usual sportiness of smart-BRABUS models but it will get many exclusive items. The anniversary model is limited to just 100 units built. This model is based on the current smart fortwo BRABUS production model with 75 kW (102 hp) and maximum torque of 147 Nm. It could reach a maximum speed of 155 km/h and could accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds. Driving pleasure is a standard feature of this model.

Liquid silver is used to paint the tridion safety cell, bodypanels including front grille and the door mirrors, as well as its front spoiler and side skirts in the styling package. Titanium-coloured headlamps and red BRABUS logos at the front and rear are some of its additional exterior features. Its interior gets a black leather interior with high-quality hand stitching.

An exclusive red is used to paint the trim parts while its contrast components and seat console are in black. The BRABUS sports steering wheel regulates cruise control while the starter button is integrated in the gear shift lever knob. This limited edition model wears a badge with the serial number (xx/100).

Once the new generation of the smart fortwo is officially launched, customers should expect a vehicle with an upgraded exterior while the interior brings with it a fresh appearance. For the exterior in particular, there will be a wide range of colors made available and will even have the trendy matt finish. The vehicles to be equipped are projected to be friendlier to the environment.

Indeed, the advanced petrol engine has been improved to the point that even if the output is excellent, CO2 emissions are just as exceptional. For example, there are engine variants that can offer 45 kW and 52 kW, yet CO2 emissions are expected to be lower than 100 g/km, a new standard indeed. The brand will also be marking the arrival of the latest generation by offering a limited welcome model which comes with high-quality equipment.

In addition, the tridion safety cell can also come in white. Meanwhile the color selection of the cabrio soft top now includes blue and red. This ensures that there are more personalization options available with the new alloy wheels being offered as well as the daytime driving lights which use LEDs. On the inside, the cockpit has a new design and with the new colors and fresh fabrics, these guarantee a more high-quality feel.

Both entertainment system and communication system contain state-of-the-art technology. Smart brand Managing Director Marc Langenbrinck discloses that the brand had continued to work very hard to make sure that the smart models are attractive and better in all aspects. He adds that with style and attractiveness, the new smart fortwo is more than perfect for this period.

In addition, he continues, the new generation of this model offers improved functionality, more comfort, use of high quality materials, and the clear attention to detail. Director Langenbrinck says further that smart drivers generally think out of the box especially when it comes to alternatives.

In order to meet these demand, he continues, the new smart fortwo comes not just with a wide range of choices for the engines but also larger opportunities when it comes to personalization. There is no doubt that this highly innovative two-seater is both stunning and environment-conscious. Official launching is scheduled for the autumn of 2010.

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