This is what we call tuning: 2011 Range Rover Sports by Project Kahn

Article by Christian A., on February 10, 2011

Now this is what we call a tuning development: Project Kahn is introducing the Range Rover Sport range for 2011. This is actually just the beginning of this year’s program and includes the entry-level Range Rover Sport TDV6 RSE Signature Edition, the middle-class Range Rover Sport RSE300 and finally their big-boy Range Rover Sport RS600.

We shall start with the Range Rover Sport TDV6 RSE Signature Edition, which comes with a new exterior package, comprised of a fresh front bumper, rear bumper, roof wing, RS twin mesh front grille and a pair of bullet side vent inserts.

The vehicle rides on Kahn 22-inch RSL alloy rims.As for the list of interior goodies, this includes front headrests in twin mesh, Kahn speedometer and rev counter, Kahn time clock and bezel insert with Swarovski diamonds, Kahn stainless steel door entry sills, with the company also offering a Kahn leather keyring.The middle weight Range Rover Sport RSE300 Cosworth shares many goodies with the Signature Edition, but uses a sportier approach.

It comes with the later’s exterior kit, but also uses a new Kahn signature painted floating roof, front bumper unit with integrated LED lights, lower boot spoiler, with a set of Matt Pearl Grey 22” RS wheels.At the top of the three, we find the Range Rover Sport RS600.

This has been gifted with a six-piece body kit with integrated LED lights and tailor-made RS500 wheels. The vehicle's interior offers a custom perforated and quilted leather finish, contrasting stitching for the steering wheel and gearshifter, as well as a bespoke instrument panel.

Equipped in the Land Rover Range Rover Sport for the first time is the latest 7-inch touch-screen with the Dual View technology offered as an option. This technology enables the driver to see the navigation display while watching a DVD at the same time. With the inclusion of the WhiteFireTM wireless technology, it is clear that the entertainment package for the rear seat has indeed been enhanced.

Even the Hi-ICE and the already Premium audio systems also saw some important performance and specification changes. In particular, it has been upgraded to the MOST Gen 2.1 electrical architecture which delivers 825W of power using the Premium Harman Kardon LOGIC 7 and its 17 speakers. Premium systems will also be offering the 'Say What You See' voice command. This enables the driver to learn the different commands through step-by-step screen prompts and even by using spoken short codes.

The entry level diesel LR-TD 3.0-liter diesel engine offers output of 211 PS at 4,000 while torque is at 520Nm at 2,000 rpm. Utilizing the low-fuel injection system meanwhile has resulted in lowering the CO2 emissions from 243 g/km to 224 g/km. The 245 PS engine meanwhile has its output increased to 256 PS at 4,000 rpm with torque of 600 Nm at 2,000 rpm. CO2 emissions are reduced as well to 230 g/km from 243 g/km.

Regardless of what version of the 3.0-liter engine is used, they will both come with the parallel sequential turbocharging system. Throttle response is indeed amazing, considering torque is already available even at 2,000 rpm. In fact, the 3.0-liter diesel engine can easily outperform its competitors by giving 500 Nm in merely 500 milliseconds from standstill. What this implies is that drivers can immediately get access to around 83% of the vehicle’s maximum torque.

When the parallel sequential turbocharging system was first launched in 2010, it was the first time such a system was equipped to a V-engine. What the twin turbochargers do is work sequentially and is therefore able to deliver top torque at low speeds and extremely efficient when running at high speeds. One of the requirements when using a turbocharger is that there has to be pressure from its exhaust. However when this happens, it leads to pumping losses in the engine and with it, increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

In order to minimize this issue, there are valves that are able to isolate the secondary turbocharger not just from the exhaust stream but also from the engine inlet tract, especially when not needed. The two manifolds are connected with a balance pipe which enables the gas coming from them to be able to feed the primary turbocharger. During cases of average acceleration, the medium-sized and variable geometry turbocharger is used.

It is also utilized when cruising on the highway and it performs well, showing no discernible lag. Unlike a series of turbocharging, this system is considered as more efficient since it does not increase pumping losses. Another achievement of the 3.0-liter diesel engine is that it sets new benchmarks when it comes to fuel economy and refinement, especially with the third generation common rail fuel injection system.

When running at 2,000 bar, the piezo injectors optimize the combustion while minimizing the noise. The system also runs in what is known as 'metering mode'. What this does it to give the right quantity of fuel needed by the injectors. In other conventional systems, what happens is that fuel is supplied to the injectors and whatever is not used is returned to the tank. However these result in a waste of pumping energy.

In addition, to lower NOx, all diesel engines will now come with the DPF and advanced EGR system. According to Chief Programme Engineer Paul Walker, the various improvements done on the 3.0 LR-TDV6 engine boost even further the Range Rover Sport as it continues to deliver the performance that customers have come to expect from it.

Meanwhile the EU5 variants of its 3.0-liter engine will have the ZF 8HP70 transmission which offers unequalled response to give that driving pleasure all while lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The use of eight speeds means that there are closer ratios and there is greater overall ratio spread.

In addition, by having a higher overdrive ratio, this can complement the large torque which also helps lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The internal mechanical layout of the transmission also helps improve efficiency as it is ensured that only at most two internal clutches are open at the same time.

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