Vilner 20th Anniversary Edition Range Rover Sport is Luxury on the Move

Article by Anita Panait, on October 28, 2016

When the Range Rover Sport was first released, the plan then was to showcase luxury. However the model’s actual potential was hidden as U.K.-based Jaguar Land Rover released a more practical application of its mid-size SUV segment offering.

Every now and then, a version came out that showed a kitchen cabinet feel to this master living room. All of that however is nothing compared to the version that Vilner Studio, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, is revealing. As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, Vilner has made what may be one of the most elaborate projects to have its signature.

The actual car itself had previously undergone modification by tuner Barugzai and proof of this was the body kit and the 22-inch wheels. This enhancement was done as the model was the same one that was given as a prize in the highly-celebrated TV show called “Britain’s Got Talent”. Specifically, the original Land Rover Range Rover Sport was won by the dance group Diversity after beating out Susan Boyle during the talent show’s 3rd season.

The group later sold this vehicle and it was with the new owner who decided that an upgrade to the interior was needed. This is where Vilner entered the picture.

While Vilner did not touch the body kit, the studio however made sure to enhance the aesthetics of the model’s rims. Thus the 22-inch wheels now had a Gun Metal Grey finish. In addition, instead of a golden “B” logo, it was changed to silver. The “B” stands for Barugzai and the studio decided to retain it as a form of respect for the work initially performed.

Going to the interior, the main style line is composed of thin Alcantara, a method that has never been used before by Vilner. While the use of 3D elements give the cabin that special feel, the soft brown color results in a perfect balance. Thinned Alcantara was used as well for the doors, central console, and the air vents. The presence of this material can be seen as well on the sun visors and even as stripes on the roof lining and seats.

For the rest of the interior, Vilner utilized Milk White and Chocolate Brown leather and then stitched together using threads having contrasting color. While the door handles are indeed a work of art, the leather strands are just as pleasing to look at in addition to functioning as hand grips. Look a little further and one is likely to see the metal stamp that this Bulgarian tuner generally places on its special projects. This same stamp also serves as a mark of being part of the studio’s 20th anniversary.

All hard plastic pieces meanwhile have been hidden with Black Alcantara and this includes the sides of the dashboard, steering column, and central mirror housing, components typically hidden through the closed doors.

Rounding up this special edition is the bag which has thinned Alcantara, a buckle made of carbon fiber, and brown seat belt strap. The same metal stamp has been placed on it to serve as proof that it is part of the whole package.

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