Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V Roadster becomes ‘The Hulk’

Article by Christian A., on May 8, 2014

Vorsteiner has just unveiled its Aventador-V Roadster created in collaboration with Prestige Imports, Wheels Boutique and Lamborghini Miami. Dubbed ‘The Hulk’ due to the striking Verde Ithica colour, the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V Roadster comes equipped with a new exterior carbon package consisting of a new front center splitter, grill front in the front and rear (4 pieces), front hood trim (2 pieces) and side air vent trim (2 pieces).

The new front splitters were designed to channel the downforce under the bumper, but Vorsteiner offers an optional lower race lip spoiler that attaches to splitters for additional support. At the rear, we find a carbon fiber air diffuser that perfectly integrates the exhaust pipes.

In addition, there is an active aero wing that replaces the OEM deck lid for complete bolt-on integration. The exterior design is completed by the Reventador M.V1 alloy wheels with a glossy finished, developed by ADV.1 Wheels.

There are no details regarding an upgrade of the engine, which means we will find the same 6.5-liter V12 engine that generates 700 hp, bolted to an ISR 7-speed transmission.

With this engine, the standard Lamborghini Aventador Roadster accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3 seconds, while top speed is limited at 350 km/h or 217 mph. The Aventador Roadster starts at 300,000 euros or $416,000, which means that if you also want to customize this monster you have to prepare your credit car for some more spending!

The design of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster is born of out of a thorough study with the goal of finding the best method that combines ease of use, an elegant style, performance, and a driving experience that can stimulate all of the five senses. Looking at the upper area of this model reveals that because of the distinct profile, it is instantly recognizable.

This profile begins with the removable roof which then extends though the new geometric line and end at the engine hood. Even with one look, it is immediately clear that the engine hood on this Roadster is different compared with that of the coupé. This is mainly due to the central “spinal column” which has two pairs of windows shaped into hexagons.

By being connected to the car’s sides, they have the appearance of looking like hyper-tech armor plates. It is not only about appearances as it offers various functions. For one, it ensures that the beauty of the V12 engine can be easily admired. This central “spinal column” and windows help cool the engine while also making sure that the rain water is properly drained off. On the rear section meanwhile, the brand redesigned the pillar in order to make sure that the removable roof would be supported and that the automatic protection system aimed at the passengers are housed properly.

Further, it also gives the engine compartment the needed ventilation. The two-piece roof is composed entirely of carbon fiber which was made possible through different technologies like Forged Composite and RTM. These technologies guarantee the aesthetic performance and stiffness.

Despite that, each part is exceptionally light, with weight not exceeding 6 kg. Not only are the two parts of the roof removable but they are easy to handle. In addition because they are lightweight, it means that they are simple to attach and in fact can even be stored in the luggage compartment on the front. For even just a few seconds, it makes it possible to be in awe of the luxurious beauty of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster.

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